Keywords – Where Does Google Rank Your Site?

Ever typed a keyword into a Google search to see which sites rank near the top? The truth is, that’s not a very accurate way to find out where a keyword ranks across the web. Search results are personalized for different users based on a variety of factors including previous searches. You and I might get different results. To find out where a keyword ranks overall in the U.S. for example, you need to use a online tool that checks keyword positions. There’s a number of free ones out there. Two free ones I’ve used are provided by Allorank and Moonsy.

You don’t just type the keyword(s), however. Google’s ranking associates keywords with websites. You enter the keyword(s) and a website URL into the keyword position checker tool, and it tells you where that site ranks for a particular keyword. By checking various keywords against your website, or a competitor’s website, you’ll know how you rank against the competition.

I realize this explanation is rudimentary if you’re a professional SEO expert, but it provides a way for the average person to check and understand keywords. At Price Digital, we use more advanced tools for keyword tracking and placement than described above. There are many factors involved in achieving a top ranking and Google’s ranking algorithm is always evolving. That’s why it’s important to continually monitor where your important keywords rank.


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