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Are Browser Security Warnings a Big Deal?

The Google Chrome Security team announced recently that their Chrome browser has begun labeling HTTP connections as “Not Secure”. The first small step was to change the security icon on web pages that except credit cards or passwords. Other browsers like FireFox and Safari have made similar changes in the past year. The goal is […]

Food is Red, but the Web is Blue – The Psychology Behind Logo Colors

According to food psychologists, red is often associated with energy and excitement, and eating red food can make people feel more alert and energized. Red is also considered to be an appetizing color and is used by many fast-food restaurants as their primary logo color. On the other hand, blue is seen as a color […]

Logorama – Animated Corporate Mascots & Logos

Every time I hear a political operative ranting about how big corporations are wrecking our elections, I always picture the animated corporate mascots & logos in this animated short. It won the 2010 Oscar under the category of Animated Short. It’s been out for months now, but all the recent election talk made me want […]

Matt Pyke (a.k.a. Universal Everything)

Matt Pyke works at the forefront of digital techniques in art and design. His work blurs the lines between commercial and contemporary art. He’s also known for his collaborations. He was featured in a exhibition called ‘Super – Computer – Romantics’ at the Parisian digital arts space La Gaîté Lyrique. I’ve followed Universal Everything’s work for a […]

Photography – Digital Artwork

We’ve enjoyed doing more photography recently in our projects. Below are a range of photos by Price Digital.  

Who’s Tracking You Online?

Do websites know specifically who you are when you visit them? I’m not talking about sites you’ve registered with and given permission to keep your information easily available. I’m talking about websites that you may never have visited or others you might not want to know your personal information. The short answer is probably not […]