Food is Red, but the Web is Blue – The Psychology Behind Logo Colors

According to food psychologists, Red instantly attracts attention and also makes people excited, energetic and can increase the heart rate. That’s the basic theory behind why most fast food companies and grocery stores use red in their logos.

Logo Colors - Red Food and Restaurant Logos

Understanding which colors spark which emotions can give your company an advantage over its competitors and increase the effectiveness of your company’s branding. Below are other brands that use red as the predominant color in their logos.

Red non-food related logos

An exception is for the new wave of healthy, natural stores like whole foods. For obvious reasons their primary color is green.

Logo Colors - Green Food and Restaurant Logos

Blue’s the king…

According to an infographic by TemplateMonster, blue dominates the web for most other companies. According to the infographic “Coolness of Blue In Web Design” the color gives off positive feelings of progress, innovations, communication, solidity and trustworthiness.

It also states “The gender of your clients differs, but all of them like sites in a blue color”.

Logo Colors - Blue Logos 


In other words, blue want leave you feelin’ blue.

Check out the entire infographic by clicking the graphic below.

Logo Colors - coolness of Blue in Web Design

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